Your Growth Strategy

Profit Plus Canada Inc. helps companies to sharply focus on three important questions:

  1. What business are we in?
  2. What business do we want to be in?
  3. What business should we be in?

We help business owners to keep their businesses on the right track- doing business in those functions where the company has the expertise and the resources to compete effectively. This is Your Profitable Core.

Your Most Profitable Business Model

Profit Plus Canada Inc. helps companies to build the most profitable business model possible. We do this as follows:

  1. We examine and evaluate the profitable core
  2. We optimize revenue opportunities
  3. We look for and capitalize on old and new revenue sources
  4. We develop optimal business processes
  5. We develop new strategies
  6. We identify underused or unrecognized assets to achieve sustainable growth
  7. We assist management to execute the most profitable business model possible


Profit Plus Guarentee You only pay when we improve results

We are confident that you will see significant improvement in results with Profit Plus Canada Inc. We guarantee that your sales and profits must increase by a specified minimum amount or You Don’t Pay. And, we specify this minimum amount in writing.

"Working with Profit Plus proved to be one of the best decisions that we have made in our more than 50 years of operation. Improvements in communications, decision making, sales and marketing strategy have all resulted in higher profits"

Mr. Fred Rendell, President
Canus Plastics Inc.

"After 25 years of success, we wanted a more systematic way of operating our jewellery business. Profit Plus tailored an overall management system that delivers more business control, more profits and fewer frustrations."

Mr. Brent Harden, President
La Maison D'Or

"We have benefited from Profit Plus services on at least four occasions since 1995, and I am very satisfied. Each time, Profit Plus delivered knowledge, experience and solutions that solved our business challenges."

Mr. Chris Gradwell, President
Total Fire Protection Inc.


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